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New ALBUM: 11 Shades Of Love

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We’ve been away tinkering with various ideas, playing the imaginary field, grilling halloumi and making stuff. We have, in fact, written two albums since we last spoke. These will both be released by Bubblewrap Collective over the course of the next year. The BIG news is that the first of these, 11 Shades Of Love, will be coming out at the end of June 2015.

That’s next MONTH!

The tracklisting for 11 Shades Of Love will be:

1. Don’t Think For A Second
2. Let Me Get To Know You
3. Would It Be Weird?
4. From Cairo To Constantinople
5. I Won’t Let You Become A Waster
6. Will You Be My Buddy?
7. Happy Hour
8. Beauty Spot
9. Hit Me, Lover, One More Time
10. Sky Full Of Lagoons
11. Please Don’t Let Me Die (In This Small Toilet Cubicle)

We’re planning to be able to have them at our show with The Burning Hell in The Moon Club, Cardiff on 18th June 2015. So that will be a mini-launch before further shows throughout the Summer.

In the meantime, take a little listen to a preview song from 11 Shades Of Love below. It’s a lounge ditty about a man mistaking chat up lines for romance. It makes us sad. And happy.


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We are delighted to announce that our 2nd single from MEN is now available for all you free-gans to pillage and conquer. Thanks to the wonderful Bubblewrap Collective for releasing it and the equally splendid Ctrl-Alt-Design for knocking up the cover.

You can pick up your free download from the Bubblewrap Collective Soundcloud, as well as watch the video for it below:

And here’s what those charming music critics have been saying:

“If you want genuine smile-on-the face music, crank up the volume, the neighbours will love it (honest)” Shout4Music

“A damn sight more entertaining than all the NME haircut bands put together” Rocksucker


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Moustache Cover


As of today, the 13th January 2014, you delightful sorts will be able to download our lead single from MEN entirely for free. It’s not because we are philanthropists. And it’s not because we are gentle, tender people. Though both are true. It’s because you deserve it!

I Want A Moustache, Dammit was initially written for a musical version of Harmony Korine’s cult film Gummo. Since then it’s taken on something of its own life. We think of the song as a cry for help from the masculine psyche. Feelings of alpha male inadequacy lead a fragile male identity into desperate acts to improve itself. Here this involves chewing through a paper version of Burt Reynolds’ face.

Get your hands on the single and its splendid cover, courtesy of Ctrl-Alt-Design, directly from the Bubblewrap Collective soundcloud.

Also, if you want to relish in the joys of seeing some of our animated faces singing the song, you can find our handmade music video for the single here.

Love, as always.

Quiet Marauder x