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Well, we have put our debut album MEN out there into the world, through Bubblewrap Collective, and have been pretty dumbfounded by the positive response it has had. A pattern of pleasant reviews and high ratings have been established which warm our collective cold heart.

The kind people at The Album Wall gave us a charming review, garnering 8/10. Beyond that, they also publicly claimed that MEN was their album of the year and then went on to interview one of us about the album and life in the band! Plenty of pretty looking coverage there!

Then there was the Cat On The Wall zine’s attentive reviewing of the album in a double feature, including an interview with Simon M. Read. Since then, the man responsible for this wonderfully eclectic and interesting culture zine rated Simon one of his top men of 2013. A high accolade indeed, though not representative of the contributions that the other band members obviously make on a daily basis.

We have also received nods from God Is In The TV who rated us 71st best album of the year; New Sound Wales who rated us as 19th best album of the year; Monolith Cocktail who included us among their choices of the year’s best albums; and Buzz Magazine who gave us a lovely 4/5 review in their hallowed pages (see below).

Buzz Review

With the album’s official UK release still set to take place later this month, the aim is to obviously press on into best of album lists for 2014 as well. And to take our merry live show across the border and startle you English folk with increased consistency to last year. Screw the bridge costs, we have a job to do!

Happy New Year one and all! Let’s make it a good one!

QM x

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