NEW ALBUM: The Crack And What It Meant

Written by Quiet Marauder on . Posted in News

26th April 2019 sees the release of our 3rd album, The Crack And What It Meant. This has been a long time coming. We started work on it around the time we completed the MEN album, way back in 2013/4. Back then #Brexit was just a little germ in the minds of its curiously anarchic instigators and the primary concern with writing was our human capacity for understanding and forgiveness.

As the process developed, numerous decisions influenced the album’s development. The biggest of all of these was The Burning Hell‘s Mathias Kom agreeing to take on the role of the album’s narrator. His deep, Canadian drawl lends the album a global context for its far-reaching implications. Plus, he sounds awesome.

We are stoked to finally have this out in the light of day. It may well be our magnus opus. Which we never thought we’d say after MEN.

You can order copies from Bubblewrap Collective‘s online store or pick it up from us at one of our gigs in May / June 2019.