Final MEN Singles – New Creative Pastures

Written by Quiet Marauder on . Posted in News

When releasing MEN earlier in the year, we had no idea how to promote it. Or if it would sell. Or if it was too ridiculous an idea to actually spend money on at all. It’s with great pride we are now almost at a stage of bidding adieu to that wonderful oversized baby we prolapsed.

With the help of On-Par Productions and Jammy Custard we have decided to finish all MEN activity, other than live shows, with a run of three singles and videos. These will be steadily populated below.

First of all we have our satirical summary of men’s attitudes towards women and beauty, Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), featuring the inimitable talents of My Name Is Ian, who we now count among our own ranks. The video is here:

Next up we had a paean to enduring love, even that which exists beyond the grave. This afterlife lullaby features the vocal dexterity of Francesca’s Word Salad, who we also now count among our ranks. The beautiful animation of our corpses can be found below:

Finally, we released a maddening glimpse to the emotional rollercoaster of returning to one’s self, along with the pains and wonder associated with that. SOS featuring Jemma Roper looked and sounded a lot like this…

From this point forwards, we will be focussing on a few other ideas for various EPs, and our second album. Expect more news on those in due course. Take care, folks. We’ll be in touch.

QM x