NEW ALBUM: The Crack And What It Meant

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26th April 2019 sees the release of our 3rd album, The Crack And What It Meant. This has been a long time coming. We started work on it around the time we completed the MEN album, way back in 2013/4. Back then #Brexit was just a little germ in the minds of its curiously anarchic instigators and the primary concern with writing was our human capacity for understanding and forgiveness.

As the process developed, numerous decisions influenced the album’s development. The biggest of all of these was The Burning Hell‘s Mathias Kom agreeing to take on the role of the album’s narrator. His deep, Canadian drawl lends the album a global context for its far-reaching implications. Plus, he sounds awesome.

We are stoked to finally have this out in the light of day. It may well be our magnus opus. Which we never thought we’d say after MEN.

You can order copies from Bubblewrap Collective‘s online store or pick it up from us at one of our gigs in May / June 2019.

New ALBUM: 11 Shades Of Love

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We’ve been away tinkering with various ideas, playing the imaginary field, grilling halloumi and making stuff. We have, in fact, written two albums since we last spoke. These will both be released by Bubblewrap Collective over the course of the next year. The BIG news is that the first of these, 11 Shades Of Love, will be coming out at the end of June 2015.

That’s next MONTH!

The tracklisting for 11 Shades Of Love will be:

1. Don’t Think For A Second
2. Let Me Get To Know You
3. Would It Be Weird?
4. From Cairo To Constantinople
5. I Won’t Let You Become A Waster
6. Will You Be My Buddy?
7. Happy Hour
8. Beauty Spot
9. Hit Me, Lover, One More Time
10. Sky Full Of Lagoons
11. Please Don’t Let Me Die (In This Small Toilet Cubicle)

We’re planning to be able to have them at our show with The Burning Hell in The Moon Club, Cardiff on 18th June 2015. So that will be a mini-launch before further shows throughout the Summer.

In the meantime, take a little listen to a preview song from 11 Shades Of Love below. It’s a lounge ditty about a man mistaking chat up lines for romance. It makes us sad. And happy.

Final MEN Singles – New Creative Pastures

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When releasing MEN earlier in the year, we had no idea how to promote it. Or if it would sell. Or if it was too ridiculous an idea to actually spend money on at all. It’s with great pride we are now almost at a stage of bidding adieu to that wonderful oversized baby we prolapsed.

With the help of On-Par Productions and Jammy Custard we have decided to finish all MEN activity, other than live shows, with a run of three singles and videos. These will be steadily populated below.

First of all we have our satirical summary of men’s attitudes towards women and beauty, Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), featuring the inimitable talents of My Name Is Ian, who we now count among our own ranks. The video is here:

Next up we had a paean to enduring love, even that which exists beyond the grave. This afterlife lullaby features the vocal dexterity of Francesca’s Word Salad, who we also now count among our ranks. The beautiful animation of our corpses can be found below:

Finally, we released a maddening glimpse to the emotional rollercoaster of returning to one’s self, along with the pains and wonder associated with that. SOS featuring Jemma Roper looked and sounded a lot like this…

From this point forwards, we will be focussing on a few other ideas for various EPs, and our second album. Expect more news on those in due course. Take care, folks. We’ll be in touch.

QM x


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With MEN, our debut album, still riding a critical wave of acclaim, we’ve decided the time was nigh to press on and put another single out. This time we’ve chosen our rousing singalong party song Wake Up Bono. You can download the little beast for free from the Bubblewrap Collective Soundcloud.

To coincide with the single release we also made a little music video. This features us and an assembled set of guests ‘playing’ with Bono at a party we are hosting for him. Sadly, we end up disembowelling him. As with the song, the broader message concerns our obsession with popular culture and the psychological fallout that can result from it. You can watch the video here:

In other news, we are confirmed to play Wakestock 2014. This pleases and excites us beyond measure. The likes of Frank Turner, Frightened Rabbit and Razorlight, among many more, help us herald in this splendid festival of the sea. More details are available on their website here.


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We are delighted to announce that our 2nd single from MEN is now available for all you free-gans to pillage and conquer. Thanks to the wonderful Bubblewrap Collective for releasing it and the equally splendid Ctrl-Alt-Design for knocking up the cover.

You can pick up your free download from the Bubblewrap Collective Soundcloud, as well as watch the video for it below:

And here’s what those charming music critics have been saying:

“If you want genuine smile-on-the face music, crank up the volume, the neighbours will love it (honest)” Shout4Music

“A damn sight more entertaining than all the NME haircut bands put together” Rocksucker


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Moustache Cover


As of today, the 13th January 2014, you delightful sorts will be able to download our lead single from MEN entirely for free. It’s not because we are philanthropists. And it’s not because we are gentle, tender people. Though both are true. It’s because you deserve it!

I Want A Moustache, Dammit was initially written for a musical version of Harmony Korine’s cult film Gummo. Since then it’s taken on something of its own life. We think of the song as a cry for help from the masculine psyche. Feelings of alpha male inadequacy lead a fragile male identity into desperate acts to improve itself. Here this involves chewing through a paper version of Burt Reynolds’ face.

Get your hands on the single and its splendid cover, courtesy of Ctrl-Alt-Design, directly from the Bubblewrap Collective soundcloud.

Also, if you want to relish in the joys of seeing some of our animated faces singing the song, you can find our handmade music video for the single here.

Love, as always.

Quiet Marauder x


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Well, we have put our debut album MEN out there into the world, through Bubblewrap Collective, and have been pretty dumbfounded by the positive response it has had. A pattern of pleasant reviews and high ratings have been established which warm our collective cold heart.

The kind people at The Album Wall gave us a charming review, garnering 8/10. Beyond that, they also publicly claimed that MEN was their album of the year and then went on to interview one of us about the album and life in the band! Plenty of pretty looking coverage there!

Then there was the Cat On The Wall zine’s attentive reviewing of the album in a double feature, including an interview with Simon M. Read. Since then, the man responsible for this wonderfully eclectic and interesting culture zine rated Simon one of his top men of 2013. A high accolade indeed, though not representative of the contributions that the other band members obviously make on a daily basis.

We have also received nods from God Is In The TV who rated us 71st best album of the year; New Sound Wales who rated us as 19th best album of the year; Monolith Cocktail who included us among their choices of the year’s best albums; and Buzz Magazine who gave us a lovely 4/5 review in their hallowed pages (see below).

Buzz Review

With the album’s official UK release still set to take place later this month, the aim is to obviously press on into best of album lists for 2014 as well. And to take our merry live show across the border and startle you English folk with increased consistency to last year. Screw the bridge costs, we have a job to do!

Happy New Year one and all! Let’s make it a good one!

QM x


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We always knew that listening to and reviewing MEN would take the committed reviewer a fair amount of time. Nevertheless, there are some brave souls out there who have already commenced the odyssey and come out the other side.

Most notably, Cat On The Wall Zine have given us a full-on review and interview on their marvellous web pages. You can read it here. Also, Buzz Magazine have given us a very kind 4/5* review in their hallowed pages.

In other news, BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson has played us on his Mixtape for BBC Introducing. You can listen back for the next month here.


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To launch our quadruple disc, 111 song, nigh on 5 hour opus magnus debut album, MEN, we felt it necessary to do it not just once but, well, several times. As such, for the Welsh launch in November, we shall be doing the rounds of Wales in various spots and will accept invitations to travel to other spots. Dates currently lined up are as follows, hope to see you there:





Details on our January dates for the wider UK launch will be forthcoming in due course.


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Ahead of the release of Men, our debut LP in November, Bubblewrap Collective have kindly agreed to put out a quadruple A-side single collectively called ‘The Killing Woods’. It’s title comes from a book by international, best-selling young adult fiction writer Lucy Christopher. The songs were all written to help inspire Lucy during the writing process, with the words that she provided helping to guide the tone of the lyrics for the songs. It was a symbiotic, creative, amorphous blob of loveliness!

The output is available to pre-order from here now and we shall be launching both the quadruple A-side single, and the book itself, with Lucy on the following dates:

9th October 2013 – Bath, Waterstones

12th October 2013 – Newport, Waterstones

Come along and have some wine / murder ballads poured down your gullet!

QM x