Based in Cardiff, Quiet Marauder take their cue from erratically gifted cult legends such as The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Syd Barrett, Half Man Half Biscuit, Jeffrey Lewis and The Fugs. Powered by the dual-songwriting engine room of Simon M. Read and Jonathan Day, the band is a loose collective contributing kitchen utensil percussion, trumpet, tenor horn, melodica, multiple guitars, Thai saw, layered vocals and anything else that comes to hand.

Never ones to shy away from big (or entirely irrational) projects, their self-released debut EP re-imagined footballer Alan Shearer as a time traveller turned deity inhabiting humanity’s cultural memory after infiltrating all our collective history. After multiple attempts to play this personally for Alan were denied, Quiet Marauder instead focussed on creating their first album. Released November 2013 in Wales and January 2014 worldwide, Men was a 111 song, 4-disc box set conceptually charting the path of the male psyche through love, rejection, breakdown, madness, intoxication and, ultimately, resolution. More recently in June 2015, the band released their follow-up, 11 Shades Of Love, with a determined focus on the caustic, weirder aspects of humanity’s favourite emotion.

Decisively daft, incorrigibly intelligent and darkly comical; Quiet Marauder are one of the most unique propositions to emerge from South Wales in a very long time.

Welsh music tends to produce mavericks, eccentrics…oddballs. Think Gruff Rhys, for instance, or reaching further back the frenzied adventures of Datblygu. Well, now we can add Welsh group Quiet Marauder to that list” – CLASH


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